"James Crist Builders, Inc. was responsible for the project where I now live in the Barron Park area of Palo Alto. The work involved the demolition of an existing structure and the construction of a 4 bedroom/3 bath single story home.

I chose Jamie for four reasons: his bid was thorough in ways that told me he knew at a detail level what needed to be done and how much that would cost; he chose sub-contractors and suppliers with reputations for quality and timely work; the bank where I had a construction loan had high praise for him; he had built houses in Barron Park and in so doing had left happy homeowners and neighbors.

The 11-month project took about a month longer than we originally projected, mostly for reasons having to do with the rains of Spring 2009. Importantly, we came in under budget. That is because we had budgeted realistically and because his project assistant is a remarkable shopper, dealing both with local vendors and Internet suppliers.

As we proceeded, it became clear that Jamie had the regard of Palo Alto planners and inspectors so the work moved apace. He also has the regard of my immediate neighbors. At Christmas I received a card from a neighbor I didn't know, thanking me for building an attractive home and thanking me also for my choice of contractor. More than one person has dropped by to offer the same thanks in person. Crist's workers observe the local rules, keep a clean workplace, don't let radios blare and don't park in other people's driveways. Among them are some remarkably talented craftsmen.

– Sally Mahoney
Palo Alto