James Crist Builders provides the full range of contractor services. We typically begin a project when the design begins to take final form (although we can and do assist in resolving design issues and problems). From that point forward, we provide a turn-key service, where we manage every step in the construction process including budgeting, scheduling, site preparation, demolition, city permits and sign-offs, subcontractors, engineering, and landscaping — all the steps that apply and are needed to take a project to successful completion.

We specialize in residential remodels, additions, interior and exterior restorations, and custom homes — and provide the same careful attention to detail and oversight to projects as small as a bathroom or kitchen remodelling or as large as a complete new 10,000 sq ft home.

There are many steps in a residential construction project — steps that can vary with the specifics of a project and with the community in which the project is being built. These steps are illustrated by the overview chart below. We work in close cooperation with your architect and other professionals to assure an efficient, successful project. An important part of the construction process is the hiring and supervision of proven, qualified, and capable subcontractors and engineers. Every step in a project — foundations, electrical, plumbing, finish work, and more — must be done correctly to ensure a successful result. Another critical element is the public approval process which, in some communities, can be difficult and arduous. Our knowledge of how these processes work, and how to expedite projects is key to controlling cost and maintaining schedules.

Click here for a new home development process flowchart